Other services

In addition to temporary employment, executive search, management and payroll, IHM Total Consult provides a package of complex and objective services for personnel assessment.

Personnel assessment

We assure you that you will have the right people in the right places!

How can you evaluate a person objectively without being influenced by their tendency to generate incorrect expectations regarding the performance they can achieve?

The answer is: an accurate candidate profile by our specialist consultants. The tools we use are:

  • among the most advanced systems of evaluation of human potential and anticipation of performance in the workplace;
  • on-line – flexible and easy to use;
  • standardized and validated on the population of Romania.

We have standardized evaluation questionnaires targeted for the assessment of:

  • sales staff;
  • assistant-managers;
  • organizational environment;
  • managerial profile.

You do not need in-depth knowledge of Organizational Psychology or Organizational Behavior in order to use these profiles, as they avoid the use of specialized jargon and abstract terms.

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