Temporary work

With over 10 years experience in the Romanian labor market, we support our partner companies when they are at the beginning of their activity, or when they want to develop their workforce or to make it flexible.

IHM has the necessary skills for the development of assignments varying by:

  • duration: short, medium or long term;
  • size: from one employee to over 1000 employees;
  • professional qualifications of staff: from unqualified to specialized personnel from all levels.

Temporary work provides our clients with:

  • recruitment of the necessary staff required without mobilizing their own resources, by identifying the fastest and most effective solutions adapted to the current labor market;
  • payroll administration and management of temporary staff without any extra cost;
  • permanent guarantee throughout the temporary contract validity (employees who leave are replaced without any additional cost);
  • great flexibility to increase or reduce the number of staff required;
  • the possibility to employ the respective person at the end of the temporary work period without additional costs;
  • cost forecasting and transparency;
  • access to our consultants specialized in labor law and tax system.

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