Manufacturing Engineering Manager

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  • Defines and implements the processes and methods to be followed in the field of engineering and technology, defines and keeps up to date the technical documentation;
  • Defines, implements and maintains the manufacturing processes in the agreed performance and efficiency parameters;
  • Performs simulations / scenarios regarding the efficient use of production capacities. Provides advice to the management team regarding the improvement and efficiency of the use of available production capacities;
  • It is constantly concerned with the improvement and the efficiency of the manufacturing processes (quality, the improvement of the production times, the reduction of costs), of their maintenance in the specifications of the clients and within the defined and agreed cost targets;
  • Ensures the maintenance of an updated BOM as well as routings / work centers (manufacturing time / production lines);
  • Defines the most suitable method of production in relation to the complexity and volume of production;
  • Ensures the timely fulfillment and the agreed performance standards of the actions defined for the engineering team;
  • Responses to the management, at the site level, for the results of the activity of the engineering department;
  • Presents to the management periodic and exceptional reports, regarding the activity of the engineering department as well as regarding different technical and organizational problems in its area of responsibility;
  • Proposes measures to increase the efficiency of the organization’s activity;
  • Cooperates with other departments within the organization, providing technical support and consulting when needed, in relationships with suppliers, customers, auditors, etc.
  • Participates in process and quality audits when necessary;
  • Coordinates the team to ensure the work instructions, maintenance plan, visual management of the production cell and layout.
  • Reduces the time of stationing due to technical problems and the improvement of the defect rate
  • Uses methods of continuous improvement (lean manufacturing, 6 Sigma, etc.);
  • Ensure that the training and preparation process is respected to ensure the quality and efficiency of the production process. Is responsible for identifying training and coaching needs for subordinate staff;


  • Faculty in the technical field (Electric, Mechanical, Electronic).
  • At least 5 years of management experience, in a production organization, within the engineering department.
  • A proactive, pragmatic person, with a determined leadership style that is result-oriented and client-oriented, and motivated by achieving goals;
  • The ability to make decisions and understand the impact on the business;
  • Extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes, technology and methods used in manufacturing processes;
  • Strong knowledge of statistical process control, 6 sigmas, etc .;
  • Ability to lead and coordinate complex technical teams;
  • Resource planning skills;
  • Communication skills as well as team spirit;
  • Flexibility and the ability to adapt to new environments/work situations;
  • Able to collaborate and communicate with internal and external clients for the provision of technical solutions;
  • Capacity for analysis and synthesis;
  • The ability to understand the problems that may arise in an organization and to define and implement corrective actions to remedy them;
  • English – advanced level.

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