Specialist Production Planner

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  • Report daily and weekly indicators that may affect OTTR
  • Responsible for the weekly calculation of the capacity of the production lines and of the necessary number of operators in the department and establishes the number of exchanges necessary to fulfill the demand;
  • Follow the specific production indicators;
  • Responsible for collecting and entering data from efficiency forms;
  • Participates in the analysis of performance indicators;
  • Inventory of kanban cards weekly
  • Displays, updates and presents daily the metrics that are included in the delivery calculation;
  • Displays, updates and presents weekly the efficiency situation with the exchange chiefs in order to establish special demands priorities;
  • Audits, analyzes and undertakes measures to reduce inventory;
  • Audits, analyzes and decides the return to the warehouse for the “classic kanban” items that become a kanban event.
  • Decides to reduce SPM levels;
  • Verify and take measures to increase the accuracy of data regarding Material Master.
  • Supports training for SAP users


  • Average technical studies of the electrical or electronic profile;
  • Availability for teamwork:
  • Availability for the flexible working regime;
  • Good computer operating knowledge with Microsoft Office programs;
  • Operating knowledge with a program of preparation and management of production processes;
  • Knowledge of English at a medium level (German – represents an advantage).

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